Monday, February 16, 2009

Nicholas' 15th Birthday

Today we celebrated Nicholas' 15th birthday
Here we are, walking along the ditch in Bernalillo.
Nich is getting his paint balling gear together.
Em loving her Daisy.
The audience
Let the war begin...!
One of Nich's gifts was a power drill - here he is looking very cool.
Homemade ice cream cake

Mom and son :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

TeenPact '09

Here is Nicholas in is committee on a field experience. They are downstairs near the mailroom, and outside the doors to the Senate and House Floors. 
Next is Emily playing "Do you love your neighbor?" after the evening Bible study. 
Nicholas looking sharp in his suit.

TeenPact '09

We went to Santa Fe for a week, and Nicholas participated in something called TeenPact. It is a hands-on leadership and government class from a Christian world view. The pictures below show Daniel in bed (yes he got sick on the trip), Nicholas with friends during one of the Bible studies at night, and Daniel and Emily outside the Round House "playing with the other kids".