Thursday, August 27, 2009

Around our House and Lydia's

Tiger loves to sleep - here he is sleeping on a small homemade rug in front of the fireplace.

Daniel's 3 fish died (Emily gave them to him for his 13th birthday.

Emily got to walk Chaquita, the Hoppman's miniature horse, when we went to their house.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emily's Flower Arrangement

Emily has taken to arranging flowers - she read an article about it, and will be posting a "how to" on her blog later. This is her first arrangement.

Birthday Bowling and Dinner

It took a month to celebrate Daniel's birthday- he got a camera before our trip with a little store-bought cake, then he got to go up the tram with us, then he had the men of our church group talk to him at his "Bar Mitzvah" of sorts, and then this family party where he go to invite one friend and go bowling. Silas got it all at once this year, at the family party. We also got to finally give my father his b-day gift - a framed family history and crest of the Curran Clan. Happy birthday again, to all you men! (Sorry the pictures are all out of order - and some went missing too! We 'lost' the pictures of D opening his Lamplighter book and going on a 'hot and cold' excursion looking for his fish from Emily.)