Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jesus, My Salvation

My Salvation, My Rock, My Lord and My Jesus.
My Salvation keeps me from sin.
My Rock to lean on when I fall.
My Lord to pray to.
And My Jesus to get comfort from.
      --by Emily Blodgett

Sunday, March 29, 2009

From Bull Riding to Belly Dancers

We went to the national bull riding competition today - what fun! We got to see the best of the best from near and far. One  of the very best was from our Edgewood, NM! He was in the finals but didn't stay on for his last ride. He needed to make a very high score to win, and ended up getting a "no score" because of getting bucked off before the buzzer. The current world champion (from Brazil) lost too. We went with several friends - the Lowrys and the Pickards. It was very exciting.

Straight from there we went to a $100 a plate dinner/ silent auction fundraiser for Popejoy Theatre at the Hyatt Regency downtown. We brought our changes of clothes and did the best we could to transform ourselves. Mrs. Poole sponsored two tables, and we went as her guests. (No, we didn't bid on anything!) The rooms were beautifully decorated in yards and yards of fabric - looking very East Indian. The music and all the decorations seemed to take us to India. The only detraction was that there were belly dancers all over the place. My boys have never looked quite so contemplatively at their dinner plates before.... But then again, where were they supposed to look?! 

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I just spend a night at UNMH ER with a friend and her daughter. My friend was hospitalized for a severe, sudden headache. Her husband and sons were out of town, so her daughter was dealing with this by herself. 
Pray for my friend. Her name is Candis. It seems, after many tests and after keeping her over night, they believe she had a capillary in her brain burst when she was coughing. It caused bleeding in one of the outer layers of her brain. They don't believe they will have to do surgery, and it should heal by itself. They have admitted her into the ICU and will continue to monitor her for a while. Her husband and son got to the hospital from CA at about 12:30 am, so after her son got to visit a bit, her son and daughter and I all went home. Her husband stayed the night with her. 
Please pray for Candis to have a complete recovery.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daisy is Home!

The big news in our house tonight is WE FOUND DAISY! Our dog got  out when the kids were going in and out just before dinner time, and we didn't notice it for about 30 - 40 minutes. As soon as we discovered it, Monty and I got into the car and took off looking around the neighborhood. We soon realized that wasn't t he best plan. We went home and Monty and Nicholas both got on bikes and went separate ways. Daniel, Emily and I got back in the car and continued to drive around. (Silas wasn't home.) We had four different neighbors looking as well (they all love Daisy). After about two hours, it was getting very dark. Monty and Nich came home and got in the truck, and the other kids and I came home and went out walking (our usual route with Daisy). We were yelling and whistling the entire time. Finally we gave up for the night. I was putting the kids to bed (with their many tears), I put a blanket out for Daisy on the front porch and opened the gate for her, and was re-heating my dinner, when the phone rang. The previous owner had her! 
She had been running down the MIDDLE of Spain at Moon when a man stopped and picked her up. He and his wife fell in love with her, but took her to get scanned. We had not changed over the owners information yet, so they called the old owner. She came and picked her up and called us. We went and got Daisy from her old apartment on Central and Juan Tabo. She was so happy to see us - and we were so happy to see her!!! With many prayers of thanks to the Lord, and lots of cuddles, we came home. 
The lesson here is, other than don't ever leave the door open and do train her to STAY, get her owner information changed on her chip and her tags tomorrow!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

We have been working feverishly on our landscaping this past week. We planted several new trees and shrubs (more to come), have put in bark and rock, re-seeded our backyard grass area, put in edging in the front yard, tore out some old cement that was buckling, and have put in forms for the new cement. We have also been trying to choose a paint color to paint the stucco portion of our house -- green!