Saturday, March 28, 2009


I just spend a night at UNMH ER with a friend and her daughter. My friend was hospitalized for a severe, sudden headache. Her husband and sons were out of town, so her daughter was dealing with this by herself. 
Pray for my friend. Her name is Candis. It seems, after many tests and after keeping her over night, they believe she had a capillary in her brain burst when she was coughing. It caused bleeding in one of the outer layers of her brain. They don't believe they will have to do surgery, and it should heal by itself. They have admitted her into the ICU and will continue to monitor her for a while. Her husband and son got to the hospital from CA at about 12:30 am, so after her son got to visit a bit, her son and daughter and I all went home. Her husband stayed the night with her. 
Please pray for Candis to have a complete recovery.

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Joshua Hoppman said...

Kelsey and Josh here, we are definitely going to pray!