Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daisy is Home!

The big news in our house tonight is WE FOUND DAISY! Our dog got  out when the kids were going in and out just before dinner time, and we didn't notice it for about 30 - 40 minutes. As soon as we discovered it, Monty and I got into the car and took off looking around the neighborhood. We soon realized that wasn't t he best plan. We went home and Monty and Nicholas both got on bikes and went separate ways. Daniel, Emily and I got back in the car and continued to drive around. (Silas wasn't home.) We had four different neighbors looking as well (they all love Daisy). After about two hours, it was getting very dark. Monty and Nich came home and got in the truck, and the other kids and I came home and went out walking (our usual route with Daisy). We were yelling and whistling the entire time. Finally we gave up for the night. I was putting the kids to bed (with their many tears), I put a blanket out for Daisy on the front porch and opened the gate for her, and was re-heating my dinner, when the phone rang. The previous owner had her! 
She had been running down the MIDDLE of Spain at Moon when a man stopped and picked her up. He and his wife fell in love with her, but took her to get scanned. We had not changed over the owners information yet, so they called the old owner. She came and picked her up and called us. We went and got Daisy from her old apartment on Central and Juan Tabo. She was so happy to see us - and we were so happy to see her!!! With many prayers of thanks to the Lord, and lots of cuddles, we came home. 
The lesson here is, other than don't ever leave the door open and do train her to STAY, get her owner information changed on her chip and her tags tomorrow!!!

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Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Yay! I'm so glad you found her!! Tommy has somehow lost his collar. Maybe it's time we get him another... :)