Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emily's Flower Arrangement

Emily has taken to arranging flowers - she read an article about it, and will be posting a "how to" on her blog later. This is her first arrangement.


shanelle said...

Lovely job!
Tell her we find lots of really nice vases and baskets at DI (utah's answer to goodwill or Salvation Army - when you come up I'll take you, you'll LOVE it!) for .50 - .75 and use them in our crafts. She may be able to do same and find some sliks at the dollar store for craft fair idea? Ribbons are lovely on them as well.
Go Emily!

Blodgett said...

Thank you! I will show her your comment! Very encouraging! M.

Joshua Hoppman said...

Do I get a discount? ;)

Blodgett said...

Of Course!

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Lovely job Emily! I think flower arrangement would be great fun to learn!
When Emily has her own home someday, flower arrangement wouldn't be a bad idea as a "home business" :)