Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Silas' Graduation Party

Silas' party
First, an apology for fuzzy pictures and not many of them. These hardly represent what went on at Silas' party or what it all looked like. The camera we were trying to use froze and would not work. I have a friend who took some pictures with her phone, and she will email them to me. Hopefully those came out better than these. This always seems to happen at our biggest events! 
There were about 130 - 150 people here at our house, to honor Silas and his accomplishments. We have some awesome friends and family, I must say! 
Caleb McVey playing darts
The crowd

Marc Cogan, Jeremiah and Josh Hoppman
Jonathan Hoppman
Mrs. Poole, Aaron and Wyming
The ladies chatting, and the men in the foreground solving the world's problems
Neighbors Marlene and Dan Morgan
David and Ryan Holets and Bob Hoppman
Diego Ruiz and Mike McVey (sorry it is blurry)
Monty, Silas, Mrs. Poole and Maellen - Mrs. Poole provided the cakes!The cakes....


Farmstead Organics said...

Must be bittersweet to see your son graduate from homeschool! What are his future plans?

Congrats to him and to you, his teacher! You both prevailed! It gives me hope!


Blodgett said...

I keep wondering where MY diploma is! Hee hee - just kidding! It is all worth it! All the pulling out of hair, thinking you are ruining your kids, prayer with the rug implanted in your face and knees --- it IS worth it!
He is THINKING of getting a criminal justice degree (plus pilot's license) and MAYBE becoming a US Marshall. Things change quickly around here - we are trying to help him find a family friendly job that includes "defending the weak" as he feels that is what the Lord has told him to do. We shall see...!