Saturday, February 6, 2010

Are Gay Rights Civil Rights?

All human beings deserve equal rights. All human beings HAVE equal rights! We need to define marriage as between one man and one woman, (as it is already understood), and not give extra privileges to the fringe.

Homosexual rights are not the same thing as civil rights. Gay rights are special rights for the minority. Civil rights affect those who are educationally hurt, (gays get the same education as heterosexuals), who are financially hurt, (homosexuals on average make more than the average heterosexual), or who have no political power, (everyone knows they have incredible political influence and can vote just like the rest of us). A person deserves civil rights for something they are born with that cannot be changed. You cannot change the color of your skin, for instance, but there are many people who have left the homosexual lifestyle. They can change. They HAVE changed! For those who would argue that the gay person is born with those tendencies, think about the fact that we are all born with certain tendencies. Some might have addictive personalities. So then, should we give the alcoholic special rights to drink and drive because they are born with that tendency or that desire, and therefore they couldn’t help it? How absurd! Of course not! They have a CHOICE to act on that desire or not. We are all born with the predisposition to sin. Could we argue that Hitler couldn’t help himself because he was born with this mental illness or this predisposition to control or kill? So then, what he did was okay? That is ridiculous! He had a choice to ACT on his desires or NOT to act! Domestic Partnership is nothing to do with civil rights. We should not be making laws that cater to mans’ desires, whims or tendencies. We are not ruled by our desires. We are not defined by our desires. We choose to follow them or not – that is our choice. And then we reap whatever consequences naturally follow those choices. If you choose to live with someone without marrying him or her, you are free to do so. But don’t ask for special provisions for yourself, because you don’t choose to follow the norm.

Marriage is between one man and one woman. How do we procreate? It takes one man and one woman. We should not be making special legislation based on who people choose to make their bed with. That is a private matter. Everyone has the same right to marry as everyone else. You can choose to marry someone of the opposite sex or not. That is what marriage is. If we start making laws for those who want to marry a same-sex partner, why not make laws for those who want to marry their own children? Why not make laws for those who want to marry their dog? Why not make laws for those who want to marry two or three people? Because someone is bi-sexual, do we say you can marry both a man and a woman and then give all the healthcare rights to the spouses as well? We would go bankrupt as well as being morally corrupt! I have heard it said that we never lose when we give more people more rights. Where do we draw the line? Where does this end?


Joshua Hoppman said...

Great post!

Rachelle Raymond said...

Those are some wonderful points you brought up!! Thank you for sharing those!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Wow! Thank you so much for this post, Mrs. Blodgett! I really liked the way you compared the different issues. I think you really made some good points. Thank you so much for sharing!!!