Thursday, March 4, 2010


What if…? A Challenge.

What if everyone who was able, would take care of five neighbors? What if they gave meals when their neighbors were sick, baby-sat when they had appointments, brought cards on their birthdays, shopped for them when they were incapacitated, shoveled their driveways when it snowed? What if we taught our children to be a little less selfish? To settle for those $12 sneakers at the discount store and use the rest of that money you just saved from not buying those expensive name brand shoes, to buy some groceries for the neighbor who just lost his job? What would it look like if we gave our nice clothes that hang in the closet but we don’t wear any more as we wait for those inches to drop off, to our neighbor who has very little?

No, the government should not mandate or organize our giving. They should not tell us we HAVE to be generous. We should WANT to! It would cause bitterness and resentment if we were forced to give. Plus, it is a simple fact that it is not the role of the government to do that, according to our Constitution. That would be stealing. The government would be putting their hands in our pockets and taking what they want. The government is not Robin Hood. We are each responsible for our own actions. Not only that, but it would rob people of the JOY of giving. Sure, there will always be that stingy person who won’t give up a cent for another. But I think the Haiti tragedy has shown us that there are plenty of people who would love to give.

If each family decided to get to know the people on their block and try to bless just five of them regularly, what would our world look like?

What if…? I challenge you.


shanelle said...

I love your heart in this short blog post! Although we do not give to 5 neighbors, we do try to take meals to one shut in older lds couple weekly and look out for our older landlords from when we first moved here. I think it is a wonderful way to show God's love and glorify Him to those that don't know Him as well.
Thankful my sweet husband, although he doesn't want it known, oft times prompts these acts of kindness on his own! God uses him many times to put be back on the path I belong. Thank you for doing same sweet friend!

Lydia said...

Excellent post Maellen!Sometimes we overelook the simplicity of living for Christ, and instead think, we can't be effective or do anything, when in fact the simple showing of God's love to those around us has the most profound impact, and really IS living for HIM, and shedding His love abroad! You are doing it, keep it up and thank you for the Godly encouragement! We all need reminding from time to time!
Love you my sister and friend!