Thursday, May 6, 2010

National Day of Prayer

What an awesome night of prayer and thanksgiving. We went to a different church tonight, to join fellow believers in the National Day of Prayer. There were fire fighters, police, and other law enforcement officers outside before the whole thing began.

Nicholas, Emily and Daniel with Skip Tinagero, our fire fighter neighbor.

Daniel and Emily in the SWAT armored vehicle.

Silas presented the colors at the beginning of the service with some other CAP cadets.

Presenting the colors.


The Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard.

Silas saluting the flag.

It was really neat being able to thank the different law enforcement people for their services, and then to go in and thank God for all HE does in our lives! The worship was amazing, and the prayers were full of the Holy Spirit.

I got reminded tonight, that whether I agree with my government officials in office or not, I am not to talk badly about them. I am to lift them up, encourage them and pray for them. Lord willing, they will one day put their hearts in HIS hands!

I am so thankful we live in a country that still allows us to gather publically and pray to our God freely! Praise HIM!

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Lydia said...

OK!! That is beautiful, I love your new header! I had gone straight to your news about National Day of Prayer when I got on yesterday, and so I never even saw your header. I love your header!Great photo!