Monday, April 5, 2010


I guess I never really thought about it before - the fact that Jesus took Barabbas’ place on the cross. Not in this way, anyway. In church on Sunday, our pastor spoke a little about this. It made me think about it as if it were I in Barabbas’ place.

Barabbas was in jail because he was a terrible criminal. He was a robber. He deserved the punishment he was about to receive. Now Pilate didn’t believe Jesus was a criminal, but he was afraid of the people. He decided to let them choose which man should go free. Of course, he assumed, it would be Jesus! He didn’t DO anything bad!

Imagine Barabbas sitting in his jail cell, hearing what was going on outside. He hears his name, and Jesus’ name. He hears that, according to custom, someone will be set free. He also assumes it will be Jesus. He knows what he did and that he deserves to die. He hears them yelling, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” and knows they are asking for his own blood.

Then the guard comes into his cell, and he figures his time is up. He is going to be crucified. But instead, the guard tells him he is free to go. Jesus is dying in his place.

Can you imagine his shock? Can you imagine his relief? Can you imagine his feeling of thankfulness mixed with confusion? Well, that Barabbas is me. Jesus died in my place, when I should be the one to die! I GET TO LIVE!

I am incredibly thankful and dumbfounded! What an amazing God!


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Amen! I've never thought about it from Barabbas' perspective before.

Here to Serve Him... said...

What an humbling and amazing way to look at what Jesus did for ME...I am SO undeserving...I am SO thankful! Thanks for sharing...I am touched!


Lydia said...

How very true. Good perspective to always keep near our hearts! God is soooo good!! There are no words to describe His goodness to us!
Love you sister!