Thursday, April 8, 2010

To be Feminine, or Not to be Feminine? That is the Question!

Here is Emily in one of her "feminine" outfits

I am so encouraged by the Feelin' Feminine Challenge my daughter, Emily, is doing. She and I follow a blog called Feminine Farmgirl. Jenna, the writer of that blog, is facilitating this challenge. You wear a skirt or dress everyday for one week, and do your hair in pretty styles each day. The challenge is to live like you usually do, and to do everything in your skirt or dress. Emily has been officially taking the challenge, and posting pictures on her blog every day, of her different outfits. I have been doing it unofficially, with her. It has been quite fun, seeing what new outfits we can put together. It has also been fun, going to the blogs of the other girls taking the challenge, and seeing what they are doing and wearing.

God has made women to be different from men. We are to be feminine. We don't have to be dumpy or dowdy to do this, either. We can make ourselves pretty, without being overly done up. I think this can be accomplished with pants, but not so easily. We should always remain modest, that is why I don't wear skirts higher than my knees, or low-cut shirts. I am trying to dress like a lady - pretty and simple - not too showy - modest. I must admit though, I still like my comfy, loose fitting jeans! :-) God is not done with me yet!

Tomorrow we go to the zoo. Em already has several choices sitting out. Let's see what I can find to wear for that!


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Have fun!

Quinn said...

Oh my! How did things go at the zoo? I know last year when I went, I came home with a whole new set of standards on modesty as I saw how poorly everyone else was dressed. I really learned a lot about how I wanted to present myself as I saw those strangers through the eyes of my son. I really enjoyed some of the things that Victoria Botkin had to say about feminine dress (last week I think it was). Particularly the part where we're being counter-cultural (and rebellious) by dressing like ladies. It's a fun perspective!

Blodgett said...

The zoo was so fun! But boy are you right about the dress there (and everywhere)! Now that I have teenage boys, I am SOOO much more aware of my "surroundings" so to speak! Ugh! Fortunately, they are good about looking away. They will even ask me to turn magazines over in the checkout line if they have immodest pictures on the covers. (The problem there is when the back is just as bad as the front!)
I love the idea of being rebellious in this way!